Regulations Governing Lecture on the Prevention and Control of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Article 1
This set of Regulations is formulated in accordance with regulations of Paragraph 2, Article 8 of the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act.
Article 2
Personnel of competent health authorities, police authorities shall protect the personality and privacy of participants of lectures, and shall not divulge such.
Article 3
Lectures on the prevention and control of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases shall be implemented by the municipality or the county/city governments where the diseases are detected. They may appoint specialized institutions such as their affiliated organizations or commission medical care institutions for the implementation.
Article 4
Targets of the lectures are:
1.Individuals found to use or traffic drugs;
2.Individuals found to have sexual intercourse or indecent behavior with others with intention to profit;
3.Individuals found to have sexual intercourse or indecent behavior with individuals mentioned in the preceding Subparagraph.
Targets of lectures of the preceding Paragraph, when tracked down, if they are found to be using condoms, are waived from participating in the lectures.
Article 5
Curricula of the lectures include introduction to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, their routes of transmission, and matters concerning their prevention and treatment.
Article 6
Hours of the lectures shall be up to two hours each time.
Article 7
Police authorities, when track down targets listed in Article 4, shall assist in notifying the targets to participate within specified time limit in the lectures organized in accordance with this set of Regulations by the local competent health authorities.
Targets of lectures, upon receipt of notice, shall, on the designated date, bring with them the notice and identification documents to proceed to the site of lecture to report.
Article 8
Targets of lectures, who, for reasons such as sickness, going abroad, on active military service, serving sentence, under disciplinary sanction, on draft for mobilization, or other rightful reasons, cannot participate in lectures on the specified date, shall, by submitting relevant documents, apply to the notifying unit for change of date.
Application for change of date in the preceding Paragraph shall be limited to once.
Article 9
Funds required for the lectures shall be paid from budgets of the local competent health authorities.
Article 10
This set of Regulations shall be implemented on the day of announcement.