Organization Act of Veterans Affairs Council

Article 1
In order to administer the overall ROC veterans affairs, Veterans Affairs Council(VAC) is established under the auspices of the Executive Yuan.
Article 2
VAC is in charge of the following affairs:
1.Those related to veterans assistance policy and planning.
2.Those related to veterans services and emergency assistance.
3.Those related to veterans homecare, nursing care, and benefits.
4.Those related to veterans educational assistance, employment assistance, and vocational training.
5.Those related to veterans medical care, healthcare, and long-term care.
6.Those related to veterans retirement payment.
7.The supervision, coordination and implementation of matters related to veterans services, homecare, vocational training, medical care, joint venture enterprises, labor service, and veterans farms of all VAC’s affiliated units.
8.All other matters related to veterans assistance.
Article 3
VAC shall have one minister, a special political appointee, in charge Of overall council’s affairs, and three deputy ministers. Two of the three deputy ministers are senior level 14 political appointees, and the other one is senior level 14 executive deputy minister.
The VAC shall have 9-13 councilors, selected and appointed by Premier Of the Executive Yuan.
Article 4
VAC shall have a senior level 12 secretary general.
Article 4-1
In order to meet its business needs, VAC may apply to the Executive Yuan for approval of dispatching personnel to work overseas, and engage the affairs in accordance with the Organization Act of Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
Article 5
The ranks and pay grades of all VAC officials and the number of employees shall be listed in VAC’s Table of Organization.
Article 6
This Act shall come into force on the date of the Executive Yuan's order.
The revised provisions of this Act shall be implemented from the date of its promulgation.