Organization Act of the Freeway Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Article 1
Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) shall specially found the Freeway Bureau (hereinafter “the Bureau”) to maintain, construct, widen and manage the national freeways.
Article 2
The Bureau shall be in charge of the following matters:
(1) The long-term planning, research and development of the freeway networks, and the planning of relevant construction facilities and intelligent transportation system for traffic.
(2) The design of freeway construction, widening and maintenance, budget planning, construction contracting, constructing, the management of occupational safety and health, and the development of technical specifications.
(3) The relevant cadastral survey, measurement, cost estimation, negotiation, demolition and relocation, compensation, public facilities and property right management related to acquiring land for the freeways.
(4) The traffic management and driving safety of the freeways.
(5) The collection of the freeway toll fee.
(6) The operation management of roadside facilities of the freeways.
(7) The arrangement and maintenance of the environment along the freeways.
(8) The acquisition, management and utilization of freeway land, buildings and the handling of other properties.
(9) The construction works assigned by the supervising agency, or commissioned by other agencies.
(10) Any other business matters related to the freeways.
Article 3
The Bureau shall have one director at senior grade 13; two deputy directors at of senior grade 12.
Article 4
The Bureau shall have one Secretary-General at senior grade 11.
Article 5
The subordinate agencies and their businesses are as follows:
(1)The maintenance construction branch of each zone: execute the maintenance and management of the freeways.
(2)Each new construction office: implement the widening of the freeways and new construction-related matters.
Article 6
The class and number of each office title of the Bureau are listed in the organization chart.
Article 7
Prior to the implementation of the regulation, all businesses and personnel in active service under the Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, MOTC, the subordinate agencies of the Bureau thereof, Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau, and the subordinate agencies thereof are transferred to Freeway Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “the Bureau”) according to the following regulations:
(1)In accordance with the Appointment of Transportation Personnel Act, for individuals holding assistant class positions and above, prior to June 18, 2024, the Regulations Governing Eligibility and Seniority of Personnel for Reciprocal Transfer between the Transportation Department and Transportation Administrative Organizations (referred to as “the second-type Personnel transfer regulation”) will continue apply until the aforementioned date. After the expiration of this period, individuals will remain in their current position or a lower-ranked position with the same salary until they resign.
(2)In accordance with the Appointment of Transportation Personnel Act, for individuals holding technician class positions and above, prior to June 18, 2024, regulations or qualifications for obtaining higher seniority will continue apply until the aforementioned date. After the expiration, individuals will remain in their current position until they resign.
(3)After the Temporary Assigned Worker Assignment Act (hereinafter “the Assignment Act”) was abolished, personnel assessed by the Assignment Act without having the qualifications of the job class should still be treated according to Item 2, Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1 of Article 36 of the Civil Service Employment Act.
The Special Examination for Transportation and Communications Personnel prior to the implementation of this Act shall not be held following February 12, 2023.
Subparagraphs 1-2 of Paragraph 1 are applicable to personnel regulated by the original regulation and are allowed to attend the Traffic and Construction Department promotion examination; after transfer to other job positions of the Bureau or subordinate agencies, personnel are subject to the second-type personnel transfer regulation prior to June 18, 2024.
After personnel regulated by Paragraph 1 are transferred according to the Civil Service Employment Act, they shall no longer be regulated under the original regulation.
Personnel with technician class in active service according to assessment by the Traffic and Construction Department Personnel Employment Act before the implementation of the regulation is allowed to stay his/her original post with the original salary to continue participation in labor insurance; after personnel is transferred to other jobs or promoted to a higher job by one class, personnel should join the civil service insurance in accordance to regulations.
Article 8
The implementation of this regulation will be determined by the Executive Yuan.