Organization Act of Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council

Article 1
To conduct the affairs related to conserving marine resources and ecology and their sustainable management, the Ocean Affairs Council establishes the Ocean Conservation Administration (hereinafter referred to as the OCA).
Article 2
The OCA is legally responsible for the following:
1. Planning, coordination and implementation of marine ecological and environmental protection.
2. Planning, coordination and implementation of marine biodiversity conservation and restoration.
3. Overall planning, coordination, and implementation of marine protected areas.
4. Planning, coordination and implementation of marine non-fishery resources conservation and management.
5. Overall planning, coordination and implementation of marine pollution prevention and management.
6. Planning, coordination and cooperation of management of coasts and waters.
7. Planning, coordination and implementation of promoting marine conservation education and information.
8. Other matters related to marine conservation.
Article 3
The OCA shall have one Director-General ranked as Senior Grade 13 or politically appointed equivalent to Senior Grade 13 and two Deputy Director-Generals ranked as Senior Grade 12.
Article 4
The OCA shall have one Chief Secretary ranked as Senior Grade 11.
Article 5
Based on characteristics of ecological regions and requirements of their management, the OCA may establish branches whose tasks are to investigate, plan, coordinate, patrol and protect, and manage the ecological environmental protection, the biodiversity conservation, and the utilization of marine biological resources of waters and coastal areas.
Article 6
The OCA may set up servicing units, if necessary.
Article 7
Based on operational needs, the OCA may assign personnel to work overseas after gaining approval from the Executive Yuan in accordance with Organization Act of Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of China.
Article 8
The ranks, grades and number of positions of the OCA’s staff shall be governed by a separate organization chart.
Article 9
The appointment, management, rights and responsibilities of the personnel of the OCA and its subordinate agencies shall comply with relevant laws and regulations of their personnel systems.
Article 10
The date that this Act enters into force shall be determined by the Executive Yuan.