Organization Act of the Administration of Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs

Article 1
The Ministry of Digital Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “the Ministry”) shall establish the Administration of Digital Industries (hereinafter referred to as “the Administration”) to promote the development of the digital economy, and provide guidance, incentives, and management for digital economy related industries.
Article 2
The Administration shall be in charge of the following matters:
1.Planning and drafting policies, laws, and regulations for digital economy related industries.
2.Providing guidance and incentives for interdisciplinary digital innovation of artificial intelligence, big data, platform economy, or other digital economy related industries.
3.Providing guidance and incentives for system integration and vertical application.
4.Providing guidance and incentives for software products and digital services.
5.Providing guidance and incentives for digital content and data economy.
6.Promoting and implementing international exchanges and cooperation of digital economy related industries.
7.Cultivating talents for digital economy related industries.
8.Other matters pertaining to the development of digital economy related industries.
Article 3
The Administration shall have one Director-General who may be a political appointee of equivalent ranking to Senior Grade 13 or a civil servant ranked Senior Grade 13, and two Deputy Directors-General ranked Senior Grade 12, one of whom, when necessary, may be hired as an individual possessing the equivalent of associate professor or professor qualifications at a school at the level of junior college or higher; such individual’s retirement benefits and bereavement compensation shall be under the same conditions as those prescribed in laws and regulations concerning teachers, subject to the approval of the Ministry.
Article 4
The Administration shall have one Secretary-General who shall be a civil servant ranked Senior Grade 11.
Article 5
For the performance of its functions, the Administration may, pursuant to the Contract-based Worker Employment Act, hire professional personnel specialized in the field of digital economy related industries; the number of such hired personnel shall not exceed 100 persons.
Article 6
The official ranks, grades, and headcounts of personnel at the Administration shall be regulated by a separate Personnel Establishment Table.
Article 7
The implementation date of this Act shall be decreed by the Executive Yuan.