Organization Act of the National Land Management Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Article 1
The Ministry of the Interior hereby establishes the National Land Management Agency (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”) to be in charge of the planning, utilization, and management of national lands, implement building management, and handle matters related to housing/urban regeneration, urban infrastructure, and sewer construction.
Article 2
The Agency’s duties are as follows:
1.Planning and implementation of national, regional, and urban spatial policies and systems.
2.Review, oversight, and implementation of national, regional, and urban spatial planning.
3.Planning and implementation of building management policies and systems
4.Review, oversight, and implementation of building, apartment, and condominium management.
5.Planning and implementation of housing policies and systems
6.Oversight, promotion, and implementation of housing subsidies, housing information networks, and social housing projects.
7.Planning, oversight, and implementation of urban regeneration and development policies and systems.
8.Planning and construction of city roads and shared pipelines; construction of and entrusted professional procurement for public buildings.
9.Planning, review, oversight, and implementation of sewer policies, systems, plans, construction, and management.
10.Other matters related to national land administration.
Article 3
The Agency shall have one director-general with the rank of senior grade 13 and two deputy directors-general with the rank of senior grade 12.
Article 4
The Agency shall have one chief secretary with the rank of senior grade 11.
Article 5
The duties of the Agency’s subordinate agencies shall be as follows:
1.Urban and Rural Development Branch: Executing national land and urban/rural planning and development projects.
2.Regional Branches Urban Infrastructure Construction: Executing urban infrastructure projects.
3.Sewer Engineering Branch: Executing sewer construction and management projects.
Article 6
The official ranks, grades, and headcounts of personnel at the Agency shall be regulated by a separate Personnel Establishment Table.
Article 7
This Act shall come into force on the date prescribed by the Executive Yuan.