Organization Act of the Armaments Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense

Article 1
The Ministry of National Defense establishes the Armaments Bureau (hereinafter the “Bureau”) to administer armament affairs of the Armed Forces.
Article 2
The Bureau is responsibe for the following affairs:
1,To plan, review, approve and manage the armament programs,technical specifications and standards,reconstruction of Obsolete Barracks,and the fund of production and services.(production enterprise and military and civilian dual-use technology development enterprise.)
2,To plan, supervise and manage the research,development,production, marketing,service,and contracting mangagement of military supplies.
3,To plan and manage the acquisition of military weapon equipment.
4,To draw up and supervise the management programs of military real estates.
5,To plan,build,supervise and manage the defense constructions and facilities.
6,To plan,use,and supervise the development of armament management information.
7,To train and manage the armament personnel.
8,Other issues relating to armament affairs.
Article 3
The Bureau may have divisions to take charge of the tasks provided in the precedent article and may have subordinate sections depending on the needs of services.
Article 4
The Bureau shall have one Director General, whose position shall be 13th grade of Selected Appointment Rank, or at the rank of lieutenant general .Two Deputy Directors General, whose position shall be 12th grade of Selected Appointment Rank,or at the rank of major general.
Article 5
In order to fulfill the military services of armament affairs,the Bureau may set up institution R&D, implementation,training and unit, whose organizations will be structured in accordance with the table of organization and equipment.
Article 6
All the positions, ranks and quantity of members in the Bureau will be structured in accordance with the table of organization.
Article 7
In order to fulfill its mission, the Bureau may hire employees.
Article 8
The Bureau manages the public real estates used by the Ministry of National Defense and other affiliated institutions,military schools,and units.
Article 9
In order to enhance national defense technology, the Bureau may invest manufacturing or other industries upon approval of the Executive Yuan.
Article 10
The Act shall be implemented on the data set by the Executive Yuan.