Establishment Regulations on the Supervision Panel of Management and Utilization of Food Safety Protection Fund

Article 1
The Regulations are stipulated and issued under Paragraph 6 of Article 56-1 of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”).
Article 2
In order to manage and supervise the food safety protection fund (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”), the Minister of Health and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the
“Minister”) establishes this supervision panel for management and utilization of the Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “Panel”).
The tasks of the Panel as the following:
1.Supervise the custody, financial situation and the operation implementation of the Fund.
2.Review the subsidizing affairs under Paragraph 4 of Article 56-1 of the Act.
3.Other relating to the supervision of the subsidizing affairs.
Article 3
The Panel is made up of 11 ~ 15 members as appointed by the Minister, which consists of experts and scholars specializing in food safety, medicine, public health, toxicology and risk assessment, law, representatives of consumer protection organizations, and impartial citizens.
With regard to the members of the Panel in the preceding paragraph, the quorum of either gender shall not be less than one-third of the total number of its members.
The Panel must include a convener and a vice-convener, as appointed by the Minister.
A member of the Panel will be appointed for a term of 3 years, with eligibility for reappointment. Those members who are unable to complete the term prescribed above for whatever reasons may be additionally appointed as adjunct members, which the term of the successor will be ended as the term of its predecessor.
Article 4
The members of the Panel are positions without compensation.
The Administrative Procedure Act shall apply to the avoidance affairs for the members of the Panel.
Article 5
The Panel shall have an executive secretary and designated workers as appointed by the Minister from the personnel of the Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the “FDA”).
Article 6
A meeting shall be held semiannually, and an interim meeting may be convened as deemed necessary. The meeting requires the attendance of at least half of the members in order to commence.
Article 7
The convener shall be the chairperson, and the vice-convener may be the acting chairperson if the convener fails to attend the meeting. When both convener and vice-convener fail to attend the meeting, the convener may designate one of members as the chairperson, or in a situation where the convener is unable to designate, the chairperson may be elected by all attending members.
Article 8
The meeting may, when necessary, invite guest delegation of experts, scholars, representatives of agencies and groups, as well as authorities of the FDA to attend.
Article 9
The members and participants attending the meetings shall not disclose any information about the meeting minutes, members’ opinion as shared, or any remarks concluded, in any means pursuant to the duty of confidentiality.
Any information related to the meeting as mentioned in the preceding paragraph may only be made available to the public after being approved by the FDA under administrative procedures.
Article 10
The Regulations shall be implemented on the date of promulgation.