Regulations of Labor insurance Health Examination for Prevention of Occupational Disease

Article 1
These Regulations are enacted into Article 39-1 of the Labor Insurance Act.
Article 2
Health examinations for prevention of occupation diseases shall be selected by the insurer from the list and additional items of occupational diseases covered by labor insurance and occupational diseases approved by the Central Competent Authority. The selection shall be based on actual needs with consideration to occupational accident insurance benefits, and the insurer shall announce the selected occupational diseases.
Subjects and items of health examinations mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be in accordance with the Regulations of the Labor Health Protection.
Article 3
The insured units may apply for health examinations prescribed by these Regulations for insured persons who have recently joined labor insurance for one year consecutively at least. Where the insured units do not apply for health examination in accordance with relevant regulations, the insured persons may directly apply to the insurer for health examination. The insured persons shall receive said health examination after the application is approved by the insurer. The health examination mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be limited to once a year. However, this limit shall not apply to the insured persons with special conditions.
Article 4
An application form shall be submitted to the insurer when applying for health examinations. Where the application is approved, the insurer shall notify the applicant and issue a health examination certificate. The insured person shall receive the health examination at a medical institution that offers health examinations for prevention of occupational disease.
Unless provided for by the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the format of the application form and health examination certificate in the preceding paragraph shall be set by the insurer.
Article 5
Health examinations for prevention occupational disease may only be provided by medical institutions certified in accordance with the Regulations on the Certification and Management of Medical Institutions Providing Labor Physique and Health Examinations.
Article 6
Examination fees shall be in accordance with items listed in the Payment Standard for National Health Insurance. Where the item is not listed, the examination fee shall be determined by the Central Competent Authority.
Payment of examination fees in the preceding paragraph shall be listed under the item "occupational accident insurance premium".
Article 7
In the event the insured person directly receives a health examination without gaining approval and receiving a health examination certificate from the insurer, the insurer shall not pay for examination fees.
Article 8
After an insured person receives a health examination, the medical institution shall notify the insured unit, insured person, and insurer of the results.
Article 9
This Regulation shall become effective on the date of promulgation.