Special Act for New Fighters Acquisition

Article 1
This Act is enacted in response to the threat from enemies and the urgent necessity of national defense, to yearly manage to acquire high-performance new fighters to strengthen power of the air force for enhancing joint operations, ensuring national security and regional peace and steadiness, and achieving the goal of giving equal consideration to autonomous national defense and domestic economic development.
Article 2
The competent authority referred to in this Act shall be the Ministry of National Defense.
Article 3
The term “Procurement of New Fighters ” in this Act shall be defined as the acquisition, maintenance, development, production and training of the system and equipment of new fighters and their relevant supporting system and equipment which is conducted by the competent authority and its subordinate agencies or troops and ratified by the Executive Yuan.
Article 4
The upper limit of demanded expense under this Act shall be NTD 250 billion, compiled as special budget, and not subject to the limitation of not being used for current expenditure under Article 23 of the Budget Act. However, if the budget exceeds its upper limit due to the influence of exchange rate fluctuations, such exceeding part shall be compiled as general budget.
The source of demanded expense prescribed in the previous paragraph may be appropriated from the surplus of annual budget of the previous year or by borrowing; the annual quota of borrowing is not subject to the limitation under Paragraph 7 of Article 5 of the Public Debt Act. The total amount of borrowing for the central government’s general budget and special budget during the period of implementation of this Act shall not exceed 15 percent of the aggregated amount of the total annual expenditure of the general budget and special budget during this period.
During the period of implementation of this Act, the outstanding amount of public debt with maturity of one year or more shall be conducted under Paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Public Debt Act.
Article 5
The auditing authority shall conduct auditing as prescribed by law for the execution of budgets under this Act.
Article 6
This Act shall come into force from the date of its promulgation till December 31, 2026.