Regulation for the implementation of Smoking Cessation Education

Article 1
These Regulations are stipulated in accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 28 of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act.
Article 2
Smoking cessation education includes school-based smoking cessation education, outside-of-school smoking cessation education, and correction agency smoking cessation education.
Correction agency smoking cessation education is defined as smoking cessation education targeting inmates incarcerated in correction agencies.
Article 3
School-based and correction agencies smoking cessation education shall be executed by respective schools and correction agencies; outside-of-school smoking cessation education shall be executed by the local competent authority.
The aforementioned smoking cessation education may be entrusted to relevant agencies or institutions and organizations for execution and assistance.
Article 4
Schools, correction agencies and local competent authorities shall designate a person in charge of smoking cessation education.
Article 5
Smoking cessation education shall include knowledge regarding tobacco hazards, anti-smoking, refusal skills, motivation for smoking cessation and other measures relevant to smoking cessation.
Measures pursuant to the preceding smoking cessation education refers to lectures and consultation guidance, which may be implemented through telecommunication networks, computer networks and other media.
The length of the smoking cessation education shall be two hours in principle. However, the length may be extended for persons under the age of eighteen who are guilty of repeating the violation within one year.
Article 6
The competent authority may present awards to commend excellent institutes, groups, agencies, and individuals which provide smoking cessation education programs and smoking cessation counseling services.
Article 7
The budget for these regulations shall be arranged by municipality or county government.
Article 8
These Regulations shall come into force as of the day of its promulgation.