Regulations Governing Immunization Procedure, Review of Children’s Immunization Record, and Catch-up Immunization

Article 1
This set of Regulations is formulated in accordance with regulations of Paragraph 2, Article 28 of the Communicable Disease Control Act.
Article 2
Nursing personnel in health institutions administering vaccines shall receive the following training curricula:
1. at least six hours of basic education and training courses in studies of vaccines, immunization practice, emergency aid and others;
2. at least four hours every two years regularly of advanced education and training in the courses mentioned in the preceding Subparagraph;and
3. for the basic and advanced education and training, certificate of credit hours shall be obtained.
Article 3
The responsibilities of nursing personnel in health institutions administering vaccines include health and immunization adequacy assessment prior to immunization, vaccine preparation, verification of vaccines and patients, vaccine administration, and health education.
Article 4
Nursing personnel in health institutions shall administer vaccines at the following places:
1. competent health authorities and the affiliated health stations/rooms, schools at various levels;
2. registered nursing homes, elderly nursing and care institutions; and
3. other places approved by the central competent health authority.
Article 5
Nursing personnel, when administering vaccines, shall closely follow necessary assessment procedures, file reports and issue records as required.
Article 6
Immunization items and schedules required for children, including infants and toddlers attending kindergartens and daycare centers, to complete prior to attending elementary schools are as listed in the appendix.
  • Appendix Immunization Items and Schedules for Children from Birth to prior to Elementary School Entry.odt
Article 7
When new enrollees enroll in kindergartens, daycare centers and elementary schools, their legal guardians shall submit immunization records that meet the schedules and items mentioned in the preceding Article for review.
For new enrollees that are not up to date with the required immunization, the elementary schools, kindergartens or daycare centers shall prepare a name list and notify local competent health authorities to request assistance in arranging the catch-up immunization, and when necessary, coordinate with the local competent education or social affairs authorities for cooperation.
Article 8
Procedures for the notification and operation mentioned in Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article are as follows:
1. notifying the legal guardian in writing the review results and matters concerning catch-up immunization;
2. school children delaying or omitting immunization for other special medical reasons shall be contacted or referred to local medical care institutions for further examination to decide if catch-up immunization should be conducted;
3. assisting local competent health authorities to implement matters concerning immunization or catch-up immunization and ensure the children catch up on missed vaccines; and
4. coordinating with local competent health authorities in recording and providing the competent authorities with electronic records of the various immunizations received by children while they are in schools.
Article 9
The review of immunization records shall be performed by elementary schools, kindergartens and daycare centers; while matters concerning catch-up immunization shall be handled by the competent health authorities.
Article 10
These Regulations shall be implemented on the date of promulgation.