Standard Charges for Technical Skills Certification

Article 1
This Standard is formulated in accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.
Article 2
Charges and fees for Technical Skills Certification referred to herein includes the items as follows:
1. Enrollment introduction and application form fee.
2. Enrollment qualification review fee.
3. Written test fee.
4. Field test fee.
5. Technical license fee
6. Technical Certificate fee
Article 3
The enrollment introduction and application form fee is NT$50. However, online enrolled applicants are free from the charge of enrollment introduction and the fee of application form.
Article 4
The enrollment qualification review fee is NT$150 per person each time.
Article 5
The field test fee is NT$190 per person each time
Article 6
Charges for field tests are shown in the annex.
  • ANNEX Fees for Field Tests.odt
Article 7
The charge for the technical license is NT$160. The same is applied for reissuing.
Article 8
The charge for the technical certificate is NT$400. The same is applied for reissuing.
Article 9
This Standard is effective as of the date of promulgation.
The Article(s) amended on Dec 10, 2018 shall become effective on Jan. 1, 2019.