Fee-charging Standards of Xiao Men Geological Discovery Hall

Article 1
These standards are formulated in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the Charges And Fees Act.
Article 2
The standards for Xiao Men Geological Discovery Hall are as follows:
1.General Admission: NT$30.
2.Discount Admission: NT$15.
Article 3
The following valid identifications as must be shown for Discount Admission:
1.Seniors over 65 years old (Holidays).
3.Voluntary police officers and voluntary firefighters with “Voluntary Service Honor Card”.
4.Groups with more than 10 people.
Article 4
The following valid identifications must be shown for Free Admission:
1.Children under 6 years old.
2.Seniors over 65 years old (Weekdays).
3.Off-campus education or academic promotion must apply and be approved by official documents in advance.
4.Government departments shall apply and be approved by official documents in advance to accommodate international guests.
5.Voluntary workers with ‘Voluntary Service Honor Card”.
6.Persons with disabilities and one essential companion.
Article 5
This standard is effective from January 1, 2023.