Organization Act of the Civil Aviation Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Article 1
The Ministry of Transportation and Communications shall establish the Civil Aviation Administration (hereinafter referred to as “CAA”) to administer civil aviation affairs.
Article 2
CAA is responsible for the following:
1. Planning the development of civil aviation industry and civil aviation technologies.
2. Coordination, arrangement, and facilitation of affairs regarding air transport agreements, civil aviation related organizations and international cooperation; supervision and management of civil aviation enterprises; aircraft registration management; management of aviation free trade zones.
3. Formulation of flight standards; planning and performing flight safety oversight, resolution of flight safety-related events; training and certification management of airmen; reviewing and issuing import and export certificates required for aviation products, appliances and parts.
4. Planning, supervision, and auditing matters regarding Air Traffic Control, Air Navigation Facilities, Aeronautical Telecommunication, Aeronautical Meteorology and Aeronautical Information; coordination and liaison of civilian and military authorities in airspace utilization and operation of navigation facilities.
5. Management, coordination, and supervision of airport operations.
6. Planning and construction civilian airports and necessary facilities.
7. Planning, coordination and management aviation intelligent transportation technology, data application services; overall planning, coordination and promotion of civil aviation information systems; operation, maintenance and management of relevant computer systems.
8. Certification and validation of the design, production, maintenance, and fabrication process for aviation products, appliances and parts, as well as the certification and validation of manufacturers and repair stations.
9. Planning and promotion of professional training and on-the-job training of the civil aviation personnel.
10. Other matters related to civil aviation.
Article 3
CAA shall have one Director-General ranked Senior 13th grade; two Deputy Director-Generals ranked Senior 12th grade.
Article 4
CAA shall have one Chief Secretary, ranked Senior 11th grade.
Article 5
The subordinate entities of CAA are as follows.
1. Airports: Responsible for airport land, facilities, aircraft departure and arrival, airport disaster management, flight safety oversight and other airport-related matters.
2. Air Navigation and Weather Services: Responsible for providing the relevant air navigation services including Aeronautical Information, Air Traffic Control, Aeronautical Telecommunication, Aviation Electronics and Aeronautical Meteorology in the Taipei Flight Information Region.
Article 6
The official ranks, grades, and headcounts of personnel at CAA shall be regulated by a separate Personnel Establishment Table.
Article 7
This Act shall come into force on the date prescribed by the Executive Yuan through an order.