Organization Act of Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Article 1
The Industrial Development Administration (hereinafter referred to as “this Administration”) is especially established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to administer industrial development affairs.
Article 2
This Administration shall be in charged of the following matters:
1.Planning of industrial development policies and formulation of industrial development laws and regulations.
2.Management, guidance, supervision, coordination and overall cooperation of the industries.
3.Incentives, subsidies, and guidance to industrial innovation, research and development, reformation, marketing, and promotion.
4.Guidance to industrial sustainability, carbon reduction adjustment, environmental improvement, industrial safety and health, resource circulation and recycling, and factory management.
5.Planning and coordination of military, public and private industrial cooperation and industrial mobilization.
6.Industrial cooperation and investment.
7.Cultivation of industrial talents.
8.Other relevant industrial development affairs.
Article 3
This Administration shall have one Director-General of Grade 13 senior rank; two Deputy Directors-General of Grade 12 senior rank.
Article 4
This Administration shall have one Secretary-General of Grade 11 senior rank.
Article 5
Number of officers, their title and ranking thereof of this Administration shall be determined separately in organization chart.
Article 6
Implementation date of this Act shall be determined by the order of the Executive Yuan.