Organization Act of the Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Article 1
The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) hereby establishes the Tourism Administration (hereinafter referred to as “the Administration”) to foster the development of the tourism industry on a nationwide scale.
Article 2
The Administration’s duties are as follows:
1.Comprehensive planning and promotion of tourism development policies and formulation of related laws and regulations.
2.Comprehensive planning, promotion, management, oversight, support, and funding of tourism industry development.
3.Development and preparation of national and regional tourism resources; comprehensive planning, implementation, and oversight of tourism marketing campaigns.
4.Designation, development, and management of national scenic areas; support for and oversight of the development and construction of municipal and county (city)-level scenic areas and other tourist attractions.
5.Planning and management of the cultivation, development, training, and certification of talent in the tourism industry.
6.Planning, implementation, supervision, marketing, and promotion of international and regional tourism branding and brand images.
7.Liaison and communication with international tourist organizations and coordination and promotion of international tourism cooperation projects.
8.Planning, supervision, and implementation of the smart tourism industry.
9.Management of other matters related to tourism.
Article 3
The Administration shall have one director-general with a rank of senior grade 13 or an equivalent grade, and two deputy directors-general with a rank of senior grade 12.
Article 4
The Administration shall have one chief secretary with a rank of senior grade 11.
Article 5
The Administration may establish national scenic area administration offices to address the official needs in each of its administrative regions.
At least one-sixth of the total number of employees employed at any national scenic area administration office described in the preceding paragraph which is located in or which manages a region that is located in an Indigenous Area must have Indigenous status. Furthermore, such national scenic area administration offices shall establish a co-management system with the local Indigenous People. In the event that the current number of Indigenous employees is below the stipulated ratio, additional Indigenous employees shall be hired as vacancies arise from the attrition of non-Indigenous employees.
Article 6
The Administration may, pending the approval of the Executive Yuan, accredit personnel to work abroad on official duty in accordance with the provisions of the Organization Act of Diplomatic Missions.
Article 7
A table of titles, ranks, and number of the Administration’s personnel shall be provided separately.
Article 8
The enforcement date of this Act shall be specified in an order issued by the Executive Yuan.