Standards for Service Fees of the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, Ministry of the Interior

Article 1
These standards are enacted pursuant to Paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.
Article 2
All fees for services offered by the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center (hereinafter referred to as the “NLSC”) shall be governed by these standards.
Article 3
The items, charges and fees are listed below:
1. Calibration services of surveying instruments as listed in Table 1.
2. Expertise services for land dispute cases commissioned by court as listed in Table 2.
3. Use authorization of software as listed in Table 3.
  • Table 1:Standard for Calibration Fees of Surveying Instruments.odt
  • Table 2 Standard of Expertise Fees for Court Commissioned Land Dispute Case.odt
  • Table 3 Standard Fees of Software Authorization.odt
Article 4
Fees and charges may be reduced with 50% or exempted for applying the services(s) listed in Subparagraphs 1 of the preceding article depending on the indeed necessary remarked in the mutual surveying and mapping cooperation agreement accordingly.
Government institutions may have preferential fee when applies for the services listed in subparagraph 1 of the preceding article. The reduction is 30% off for one set of each kind of surveying instruments, and 15% off from the second surveying instruments per year.
The fees of the software for public uses at all levels of land administration institutes can be exempted.
Article 5
Postage and shipment fees arising from delivery of data listed in subparagraphs 1 of Article 3 shall be born by the applicant.
Article 6
These standards shall take effect on the date of promulgation.