Regulations of subsidy for the compensation for emergency control of plant diseases and pests

Article 1
These regulations are established in accordance Article 13 of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Act (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”).
Article 2
In accordance with Article 13 of the Act, the municipal or county (city) competent authority shall be responsible and pay for the compensation. The municipal or county (city) competent authority may request the central competent authority to subsidize an amount up to one half of the compensation if there is financial difficulty or for other proper reasons. However, if there is a serious outbreak of infectious plant disease or pest, the amount subsidized by the central competent authority has the option of not being restricted by this limit of 50% (i.e., may exceed this limit of 50%).
Article 3
The prices of the plant or plant product subsidized in the preceding article shall not exceed the benchmark for the assessment of plant compensation fees as determined by the municipal or county (city) government when handling land improvement materials.
Article 4
The municipal or county (city) competent authority shall submit application with the records of removal, destruction, cost estimates, and compensation fee for subsidy for compensating within 30 days after the completion of removal or destruction of the plants or plant products in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 12 of the Act, in order to apply for subsidies from the central competent authority.
Article 5
These regulations are in effect on the date of its promulgation.