Organization Act of National Academy for Ocean Research

Article 1
To conduct the affairs related to the planning of marine policy, survey of marine resources, research of marine science, and the development of marine industry and cultivation of talents, the Ocean Affairs of Council establishes the National Academy of Marine Research (hereinafter referred to as the NAMR).
Article 2
The NAMR is in charge of the following matters:
1. The study of marine policies.
2. Drafting and implementation of marine research and development plans.
3. Promoting the performance and the technology concerning marine research and development.
4. Matters concerning the collection of information, cultivation and recruitment of talents, and international cooperation of marine research and development.
5. Education, training, certification and management of marine conservation staff and Coast Guard law enforcement personnel.
6. Other matters related to marine policy, research and manpower development.
Article 3
The NAMR shall have one President ranked as Senior Grade 13 or, when necessary, employ the President at a qualification equivalent to that of a president or a professor of an independent college and two Deputy Presidents ranked as Senior Grade 12, one of whom may be employed at a qualification equivalent to that of a professor, if necessary.
Article 4
The NAMR shall have one Chief Secretary ranked as Senior Grade 11.
Article 5
If necessary, the NAMR’s directors, researchers, associate researchers and assistant researchers may be employed in accordance with Act of Governing the Appointment of Educators. Their retirement and pension shall be handled in accordance with Statute Governing the Retirement of School Faculty and Staff and shall gain approval from the Ocean Affairs of Council.
Article 6
The ranks, grades and number of positions of the NAMR’s staff shall be governed by a separate organization chart.
Article 7
The date that this Act enters into force shall be determined by the Executive Yuan.