Standard for Foods Treated with Ionising Radiation

Article 1
This Standard is prescribed in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation.
Article 2
This standard shall apply to processing of food to achieve the purpose of inhibiting germination or sprouting and microorganisms through treated with ionising radiation.
Article 3
Food may be treated by the following sources of ionising radiation and its maximum energy level:
1. Gamma(γ) rays from radionuclides Co-60.
2. X-rays generated from machine sources: at or below of 5 MeV.
3. Electrons generated from machine sources: at or below of 10 MeV.
Article 4
Food category that can be irradiated, its absorbed dose limit and the purpose of irradiation, shall comply with the provisions listed in the Appendix Table.
  • Appendix Table.pdf
Article 5
The Standards shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.