Regulations Governing the Collection of Various Marine Pollution Control Permit Application Fees

Article 1
These Regulations are determined pursuant to Article 57 of the Marine Pollution Control Act (herein referred to as this Act).
Article 2
The competent authority shall collect review fees in accordance with the following regulations for all applications accepted pursuant to this Act, the amount of review fees are as follows:
1. NT$48,000:
(1) The approvals to engage in oil conveyance, marine construction, marine dumping, or other polluting matter pursuant to Article 13 of this Act.
(2) Permission to discharge wastewater or sewage into a protected or conservation marine area or adjacent area pursuant to Article 15 of this Act
(3) Permission to use marine facilities to engage in the exploration or extraction of oil, the conveyance of oil or chemical substances, or the discharge of wastewater or sewage pursuant to Article 17 of this Act.
(4) Permission to discharge oil, wastewater or sewage into the sea pursuant to Article 18 of this Act.
(5) Permission to engage in marine dumping pursuant to Article 20 of this Act.
2. NT$28,000: Permission for construction of artificial fishing reefs or other fisheries facilities pursuant to Article 25 of this Act.
3. NT$300: After receiving the approval under Article 13 of this Act, persons who engage in oil transportation add ship(s) for oil transportation, the review fee shall base on the number of add ships of the application case and charge for each ship respectively .
Article 3
When the competent authority reviews an application cases in the foregoing subparagraph, no additional review fees shall be required for materials that the applicant has been notified to make up or correct
When an application case has been rejected, reapply shall follow the foregoing subparagraph to pay the review fees.
Article 4
Payment of review fees for the case which has been permitted or approved by the competent authority is not required, when an application for modification of name and address of public or private premises, name and address of statutory responsible person, personal identification document number and reduce oil transportation ship.
Article 5
The competent authority shall collect a certificate fee of NT$500 when it issues a permit document pursuant to this Act; this certificate fee shall likewise be collected when an application for permit document renewal or replacement is made.
Article 6
With the exception of circumstances in which there is a regulation to apply for a refund under Charges and Fees Act, requests for refunds or retain shall not be accepted for any reason after the payment of review fees designated in these Regulations.
Article 7
These Regulations shall take effect on the date of promulgation.